Japanese Film Festival
April 15 - 19, 2009
Frankfurt on the Main

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Entry Form 2010

10.01.2010 Film submissions to the Japanese Film Festival Nippon Connection are open till January 31st 2010. You can download the entry form here.

Nippon Connection Chill & Grill

10.06.2009 Nippon Connection Chill & Grill
Japanese-German barbecue creations & cinema film "Nabbies Liebe".

Saturday, 11th of July starting at 18:00h at the KOZ, Studierendenhaus Uni Frankfurt, Jügelstr.1 in Frankfurt.

The cinema show with "Nabbies Liebe (Nabbie no koi)" by Yuji Nakae starts at 19:00h. The barbecue party with DJ herrjoergritter starts at 21:00h.

Winner of the Cinema Award

20th of April 2009 Winner of the Cinema Award 2009 is DETROIT METAL CITY by Toshio LEE.

Nippon Connection twittert!

15th of April 2009 Up-to-date news live from the festival are available now via twitter feed.
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8th of April 2009 We are still looking for a place to stay for two of our interpreters. Is there anybody who could host them from 15 to 17 April and from 17 to 19 April or 18 to 20 April? If you have an empty room in your apartment or even a spare sofa in your living-room and would be interested in helping us out, please get back to us by phone (069-798-22986) or by email (info@nipponconnection.com). Many thanks!


4th of April 2009 The deadline for accreddition has been extended: April 9th, 2009.

Tickets are avialable now

01st of April 2009 Tickets are available now! Just click on "Tickets" in the event/ film description window.

Nippon Connection Program 2009

14th of March 2009 The Nippon Connection program for 2009 is online. Full info will be published by the end of March.

Nippon Connection 2009

07th of August 2008 The 9th Nippon Connection film festival will be from April the 15th to April the 19th 2009.

Nippon Connection Chill & Grill

17th of June 2008 Japanese German Barbecue Creations & Cinema with "Linda Linda Linda"
Saturday the 28th of June 2008 starting at 18:30 h at the KOZ, Studierendenhaus Uni Frankfurt, Jügelstr.1 in Frankfurt.
Cinema screening beginning at 19:00h - "Linda Linda Linda" by Nobuhiro Yamashita. At 21:00 h Grillparty with music by herrjoergritter.

Admission free!

Nippon Cinema Award

23th of April 2008 The director Hideyuki FUJITA received in Tokyo the "Nippon Cinema Award" for his film FINE, TOTALLY FINE.

Cinema Award Winner 2008

07th of April 2008 The winner of the Nippon Cinema Award 2008 is FINE, TOTALLY FINE by Yosuke FUJITA


05th of April 08 Unforutnately, Benshi Hirono YAMADA missed his flight to Frankfurt. Therefore there will be a change of program for the 6th of April, 16:00 h. Instead of "Hirono YAMADA′s Benshi Heaven" we will show "Benshi-Brilliance! Ichirô KATOAKA presents A Page of Madness".

Nippon Cinema Program!

31th of March 2008 The Nippon Cinema film "Tears of Kitty" (4th of April at 14:30h) was cancelled and was replaced by "Foreign Duck, the Native Duck and God in a Coin Locker" by Yoshihiro NAKAMURA.

Timetable and Program for 2008!

24th of March 2008 The festival trailer 2008 and film stills are online now.

13th of March 2008 The latest timetable (TIMETABLE) and the program (PROGRAM) for 2008 are now online.

New Accreditation Forms Online!

21st Jan. 2008 The new accreditation forms for 2008 are now online.

Entry Form for the 8th Nippon Connection Festival

30th Dec. 2007 The entry form for the 8th Nippon Connection Festival (2-6 April 2008) is online!

Additional Tourdates - Maruchan Postcard 2008

18th Dec. 2007 We have just updated the website with additional tour dates and the new Maruchan Postcard 2008.

Nippon Connection 2008

6th Oct. 2007 The eighth Japanese Film Festival Nippon Connection takes place from the 2nd of April until the 6th of April 2008!


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